Thursday, January 8, 2015

Soul Chaser Volume #1 by Nicholette Campbell

Soul Chaser Volume #1Soul Chaser Volume #1 by Nicholette Campbell
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4.0 stars
This book was a quick read but I still enjoyed it very much! The only thing that I didn't like about this book was it was too short.

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Life as we know it follows a clear course: a person is born, goes through life, and dies. We are not given the choice to deviate from this routine.

But what if we were?

Soul Chaser carries readers to a world where sixteen-year-old Raven Bishop must struggle with this choice time and time again, not for her sake, but for the sake of others whose lives she can save by repeatedly relinquishing her own.
The decision to die, and die over and over again, however, is not an easy one for anyone to make, let alone a girl who barely lived her own life—but the fate of Raven’s soul depends on it. Will she make the right choice?

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