Monday, September 7, 2015

The Rehab by Michel Logue-Provost

26185584The Rehab by Michel Logue-Provost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don't know where to start! The Rehab is an exciting story that left me thinking about this book and what is going to happen next! (without a cliffhanger). This first installment of the Apokalypse was a great start! Michel Logue-Provost took me on this wonderful journey that I never wanted to end. The Characters developed as the story did, and made this book flow with each page. It was very descriptive without it being to overbearing. The author's writing style made this book a journey and not just a book. while reading I felt as if i was a part of the story and not just a reader. This beautiful work of fiction has its gruesome parts but I felt that they were necessary and explained as the story went on. Each part of this book seemed to have meaning!
Through all of twists and turns I was not once confused or even disappointed! This book has taught me that I shouldn't give up and that being yourself is okay. This book reminded me that I can believe what I want and that no one should stop me. I believe that EVERYONE should give this book a chance! You won't regret it!

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Long after the ravages of nuclear war, humanity survives, but for the people of Innerstadt, trouble is brewing. Their city, a last bastion in a desolate wasteland, is descending rapidly into chaos. The Awoken, a group of homicidal terrorists hell-bent on breaking free from their supposed bonds, are stepping up their game. 

Frank William Fasaro, a young officer in a dwindling police force, has no choice but to work the beat while his brothers in arms are tied up in a losing war. When his patrol vehicle is requisitioned by Special Assignments, it's just the beginning of a very bad day. Plagued by recurring dreams, struggling with serious questions about his past, he will soon learn that nothing is as it appears. He may not know why, but the clock is ticking. Will he find what he's looking for, or will it find him first?

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