Friday, February 19, 2016

By Sun & Candlelight by Jessica L. Brooks

By Sun and Candlelight (Flora, #1.5)
Title and Author- By Sun and Candlelight by Jessica L. Brooks
Publisher- Createspace
Page Number-196
My rating:5 of 5 stars
 Reviewer- Stephanie 

By sun and candlelight was a wonderful book that gives the reader the ability to read more about Rowan. In this book Rowan has to make some hard decisions which makes for a very interesting novella. I would highly suggest it if you enjoyed if I speak true. Brooks was able to give the reader for a better look on Rowan life in this short novella. I feel like this is a perfect time to get a perfect place to put this novella, giving me the ability to read more about the story in a different perspective. Getting the chance to see how Rowan reacts to certain decisions and how he works was very refreshing. Brooks is a very talented author. I was very pleased with how the book was written and I can't wait to read the next book!

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A threat, a missing book, a traitor, and an attack. Even when you choose the light, things aren't always so black and white when they involve matters of the heart. 

Rowan has some decisions to make. 

Told in Rowan’s point of view, By Sun and Candlelight (Flora, 1.5) gives you a new view into the characters and daily happenings at Castle Lennox and bridges the gap between If I Speak True(Flora, 1) and Open Thy Heart (Flora 2 -- coming September 2014)


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