Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom by Teresa Schapansky

Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom
Publisher-  CreateSpace
Pages- 238 
My rating-5 of 5 stars 
 Reviewer- Stephanie 

Imogene of the Pacific kingdom is a great read. Perfect for younger readers Imogene has to live with her aunt until she is ten. this is a wonderful magical tale about a girl that learns more about herself. This book is the perfect coming of age story that kept me reading until the very end!

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Imogene is only five years old when her parents suddenly and mysteriously disappear. Left with no choice but to live with an abrasive relative, she finds comfort in the alliance she's forged with an unlikely friend. She secretly holds dear, her mother's last words.

"Five years, Imogene. I shall come for you in five years." 

Imogene sadly soon learns, that things are not always as they seem. Upon reaching the age of ten, she has new confidence, and eagerly awaits her parents' return. Under the encouragement of her friend, Imogene embarks on a journey to an incredible world, learns who she really is, and where her true destiny lies.


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